Kilowatt Hours – “What Are They” – Slow Your Power Consumption

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 10.59.24I said “the pot is using 2600 watts when boiling”.
She said “that is fine”.
I said “that is a ton of kilowatts per hour”.
She said “what are they”.

Indeed in this green environmental age, I thought that everybody on the planet comprehended what a kilowatt hour is.

Simply put a – kilowatt hour is only a method for measuring how much energy is used by appliances or lighting within your home. To be more precise – ‘a kilowatt hour (kWh) is the measure of energy equivalent to a relentless power of 1 kilowatt running for 1 hour.’

Your utility organisation will gauge how much you have used and afterward charge you. It is dependable on your utility bill.

I’ll explain how we even got to this point in the first place. Our little conversation happened a week ago. As of late I was thinking of how I could change my actions to be more energy efficient. Especially after I received my last bill. I decided to install a Smart Process energy monitoring system I have found that to spare electricity at home one must find where the power is being used most. I decided to monitor the electricity.

The kind of energy monitor I want to use has the following elements –

• simple to read.

• buttons are anything but difficult to press.

• simple to change the display settings

I have found that some monitor’s available are difficult to read since they have a little screen and the buttons are simply not sufficiently big enough.

The monitor I used will display the measure of energy/power being used by an appliance when connected to the divider attachment. It even lets you know how much electricity is used when an appliance is in standby mode. The most important estimation is the rate at which an appliance devours power. For instance a radio for the most part needs 2 watts per hour. A fridge will require 120 watts per hour (depending on the fridge obviously).

After one week, the outcomes are in. I expect this was a normal week. The sum utilized was 5.5 Kw hours. I know we use energy however I was surprised at this high level of energy consumption.

This made me think about what would be possible to bring down the measure of energy, but we’ll start with a simple household item like a kettle

• drink less coffee/tea.

• just put in the right measure of water to boil.

• purchase a more efficient kettle.

• purchase a kettle that just holds some water (no shot of overfill).

I told my wife what a kilowatt hour is. How that identifies with power consumption and why it is important to know how we can spare power/electricity. These suggestions are just a little stride in reducing our general kilowatt hour utilisation.


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