Best Fillet Knife Reviews

fillet knife blog coverIf you enjoy cooking and you enjoy fish, then it’s important that you have the best equipment to do so. Without the right kind of filleting knife, you could wind up with a messy project or an unappealing looking meal. There are many different kind of fillet knives out there, but only the best will get the job done and finding the right one can be difficult. We’ve come up with some of the best fillet knife choices and why you should go with them. Keep in mind that some of the higher end fillet knives will always cost more and they’re definitely well worth the price.

When you purchase a fillet knife it needs to not only be sharp so that it can easily cut through the fish, but flexible to make it easier to navigate around the bones inside of the fish. Having a no slip handle is also a must have, as cleaning fish is quite a dirty task and you don’t want to attempt filleting with something you can’t get a good grip on. Make sure the fixed blade has a decent length on it as that also makes a big difference when it comes to filleting the fish.

The prices on the best fillet knife will vary depending on the type and what sort of brand you purchase. The lower end knives will cost around twenty dollars, possibly a bit less. The higher end knives will cost around a hundred dollars, and in some cases a bit more however, these electric knives are beyond worth it. The Rapala Fish’n fillet knife is a favorite among fillet knives because it has a nice wooden handle which is a bit different from the usual type of fillet knife many use. With a seven-inch blade it even comes with a knife sharpener. While you don’t typically need to sharpen a fillet knife very often, it does come in handy for when the knife does start to wear done.

The American Angler Pro Knife with Glove is another great choice to go with. Price is about a hundred dollars and available in places like Amazon so if you want to order online, then I’d hurry to get this steal. This knife comes with twice the torque than most electric blades and five assorted blades you can change out depending on what you’re looking to use. Best of all, this great package includes all the safety equipment you could possibly need to clean a fish and fillet it without getting hurt. The final fillet knifes we’re recommending is the Rada Cutlery R200 Fillet Knife. This knife is extremely impressive with a blade made of seven inches of surgical steel. Extremely sharp and durable, fresh out of the box you can expect to fillet a fish in a single cut with this knife and even comes with a leather storage container to keep it in good condition. The only down side we’ve seen with this specific one is that it doesn’t hold up against prolonged cleaning.


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