6 Tips on How to Choose a Tree Surgeon

6 Tips on How to Choose a Tree Surgeon

Choosing a tree surgeon is not that easy to do. Because the tree surgery has boomed, you could likely predict that there are more and more people who offer their tree surgery services to all potential customers in the market. Which is why, you need to take extra care in getting the best services from a secure service provider. One of the companies we recommend are, Benton Tree Surgeons in Surrey.

If you fail to choose a qualified local tree surgeon, it can lead to damage of trees, injury and damage of property when the work is not properly done. To address this issue, what then are the things to remember in choosing a local tree surgeon? To give light to this question, this article would give you the top tips on how to choose one. Read on.

  1. Get a reference

Your friends, office mates and family can give you a referral to a service provider with has already built a unique reputation for supplying top quality services. Of course, they can share to you their experiences if the job has been successfully done by their providers or not.

  1. Research and visit the tree surgeons

If you cannot get a referral then, you need to research, Google local companies using phrases such as “local tree surgeon in Upminster“. Researching is not enough because to make a claim that they can provide quality services is not enough. You need to speak to these tree surgeons about the work description. You can also ask for their work portfolio to check on the previous works they have already done in the past. Initial visits are usually free, but it’s worth checking before they turn up.

  1. They should be a member of Approved Tree & Arboricultural Trade Associations

Once a service provider is part of these associations, you can ensure that their service are guaranteed to have good quality. However, there are so many contractors who are claiming to be part of a trade association hence, you need to check the validity of such claim.

  1. Get at least 2 to 3 quotes

Settling to only one rightful candidate is not the efficient way of choosing the best surgeons. Of course, you need to consider other candidates so that you can compare the services they offer and most importantly the price of the work and the VAT. You can ask these surgeons with their price quote and compare them to pick the best one. Remember, the lowest quote may not be the best one. So, you need to examine these quotes closely.

  1. Insurance

Injuries and property damage is very inevitable when the work is being done, Hence, you need to make sure that the one you choose have both third-party liability insurance cover and professional indemnity insurance.┬áTake note that as long as the insurance details are stated within the agreed written quotation, then you’ll be covered.

  1. Do not pay until the job is complete

This is the basic rule of a thumb. Because once you have already paid, you will not be able to take it back once the job is not done properly.