Types Of Electric Gate That You Can Choose From

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People have been using gates for many years now to protect their home from unwanted visitors, gates also add another layer of privacy when in your home. A necessity for celebs, more and more people are now adding gates to their home, but with so many to chose from it can be hard to decide which gate is right for your home. Below is a list of all the most popular styles you’ll find in homes around the world.

Swing Gate

Back in the day, double or single panel swing gates were opened and closed by hand. But now thanks to technology, it can be operated automatically today. This type of electric gate can be made from wrought iron, aluminum, or wood.

Sliding Gate

If you live in a busy area, with lots of vehicles passing by as well as residents, sliding gate is great since you can open and close it quickly without taking up much space. Sliding gates is similar with swing gates in almost every aspect except that it slides instead of swings.

Remote Or Automatic Detection

Electric gates like this can be opened or closed by pushing the button in the remote as the driver drives up to the gate. But there are automatic gate openers which automatically opens the entrance by simply detecting the presence of the car or person.

Battery-Powered Gates

The good thing about these battery-powered electric gates is that the car doesn’t have to be within the vicinity of power grid and power lines to be operated.

Solar-Powered Gates

If you like to stay environment-friendly, solar powered gates is a good idea. Its solar panels only need to absorb enough sunlight energy to convert it into electrical energy and store it in a battery which the gates will use to open and close.

When you do however decide to add a gate to your home, ensure that you use a reputable local company such as Essex Auto Gates who are fully trained in electric gates in Essex, I also recommend going local due to the fact that any problems that may arise can be quickly dealt with due to being local to you.

We hope you found this article helpful in choosing your next gate installation!


Top Tips to Choosing your Portable Air Conditioner this Summer

It is very hot during summer. That is why may are choosing an excellent commodity just to beat the heat brought by the burning sun. In this case, many choose to have a good air conditioning at home. This is absolutely a great choice but it will be soon be in a short supply and more expensive comfort. You can save money if you will buy it during the off-season where the manufacturers are having an offered rebate. Before you purchase it, you must consider a lot of important things.

The Air Conditioner Types

  • Window units

This is the most popular air conditioner unit for DIYers. This is the unit that is known to be the easiest to remove and install. This fits on the window opening and vents outside.

  • Through-the-wall units

This unit is heavier and larger compared to the window unit. Rather than sitting in the window, this through-the-wall unit is resting within in a weight supporting air that is set into an exterior wall. In the older homes, the electric features must be reviewed and checked because this unit requires a greater voltage and amperage.

This unit is versatile in design that is ideal for any windowless spaces – it exhaust in temporary ducting. This can also be moved from one room to another.

  • Whole home units or central units

This unit can cool the whole home at once. This is combined with heating for a complete HVAC functioning system. This one requires a professional and expert installation. Plus, this option is the most expensive type of air conditioning.

Cooling Capacity of Air Conditioner

The capacity of the air conditioning is measured in BTU units. The small window air conditioner delivers an approximate amount of 3,000 BTUs. On the other hand, the through-the-wall unit exceeds up to 20,000 BTUs. It is important to consider the size of the room so that you can identify what type of air conditioning unit is necessary for you but you should also consider also the following:

  • Exposure of the room
  • The count of the room windows
  • Insulation quality in the room
  • Other appliances that are used
  • Head count of the person present in the room

If it is hard for you to identify which air conditioning unit is best suit for you and to the situation and condition of the room that you have, try to utilize a handy BTU calculator. The calculator will help so that you can figure out how many BTUs of the air conditioner is needed to cool your space.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency is measured through EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio rating. It is the ratio brought by the cooling capacity of BTUs every hour to power input on watts (the higher the amount of EER rating, the efficient the air conditioner will be). The air conditioning units are the most expensive appliances that runs. A good option for an air conditioning unit is necessary. In deciding which one is better for you, identify first the unit that has an adequate cooling in the space. Then, purchase the one that has a low BTU capacity but with high EER rating.